Contra Costa County Legal Professionals Association ("CCCLPA") received its charter from Legal Professionals, Inc. ("LPI®") in March of 2016. Like LPI, CCCLPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational, professional, and personal development programs and networking opportunities, to its membership, which consists of attorneys, legal assistants, paralegals, legal secretaries, legal administrative assistants, court reporters, law office administrators, and anyone in a law-related profession.

CCCLPA Programs and Services include:
  • Membership in Legal Secretaries, Inc.
  • Continuing education and professional development.
  • Certification through the California Certified Legal Secretary (CCLS®) program.
  • Membership in the Legal Specialization Sections (through LPI®) including Law Office Administration, Civil Litigation, Family Law, Corporate, and Criminal Law.
  • Networking with other legal professionals.
  • Link to application for membership - Click Here
Legal Professional Resources: